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Prefabricated building envelopes:

The present -and future- building procedure.

Construction period -and quality- define the factors of success in the building industry. They constitute the key of cost reduction.

Industrial prefabrication of houses and buildings signifies the rethinking of working procedures in the construction industry.

Producing building envelops by: 

q       PCE, precast concrete elements.

q       Sandwich structural Insulated Panels, SIP´s

q       Insulating Concrete Forms, ICF´s

A successful design, production and application, requires a certain basic knowledge.

At isotecnica you will find the appropriate seminars, machinery and technology to obtain qualified answers to your various questions.

Our conferences and seminars will put you and your company in a successfully prepared position for the production of foams and SIPS or, at least, to improve your knowledge in our specialist seminars.

These seminars are suites for newcomers to these technologies. We would be pleased to offer tailor-made seminars for individual companies worldwide (suggested maximum: 12 participants) or supporting conferences for your customers (without a maximum of attendants).

If you are interested in attending to our seminars or hiring your own one, please e-mail to: for further info.

For more information call us at ++(598) 2600 2461 from 9.00 to 17.00 hs, or consult the "Consults" section at the left side of your screen.



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